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​ST: Kennedy Thompson |  CBM: Victoria Nguyen |  CW: Leo Cvitanovich |  AD: Grace Hudson |  AD: Lindsey Evans

​My Role: Project Research, UI/UX Design, Prototype

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For Businesses:
See Upwork as a top destination for Gen Z talent.

For Gen Z:
See Upwork as a place for real opportunities.

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For Gen Z: 


We’ve created an app integration that incorporates
Gen Z’s favorite activity:

Gen Z has so much choice at their fingertips in every aspect of their lives.


They’re able to go on dates without long-term commitment. We want to bring the idea that you can try out jobs without long-term commitment on Upwork through the design of the new app integration.

We also think this will be a fun more casual way for businesses to connect with Gen Z and hire talent with ease.

Introducing Upwork Swipe:

The integration of the app will give Upwork a new vibe. Swiping will play the main parts in using the app.

The 'S' button on the top right of the corner allows Upwork users to switch from the current version to new integrated one. 

After matching, businesses and Gen Z freelancers will have opportunities to talk on the chat. This feature is to help both sides to get to know each other before the formal first-round interview

More works from the project


I really enjoyed this project. Upwork was my first live client project which gave me opportunities to get real feedback from the client.

In addition, our team developed a great solution. I was on a great team of creatives, and together we were named the winners to the Upwork brief.

Why it works:

Through our researches, we found out that UpWork's definitions of success have many of the values aligning with Gen Z's 

67% of Gen Z believes that true success is having a job that matches their passion.

"Get rid of the gatekeepers. They [businesses] don't care about you."                                  


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