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About Me and Myself


My name is Phuc Nguyen

Then why do I go by Patrick?

Before coming to USA, I knew that my name might sound different when pronounced by American. So when I was at Narita Airport in Japan, I searched on Google for a good English name for myself. I searched for "English male names start with P". There were Peter, Paul, Parker and then Patrick were the top 4 names that came up. That's how I became Patrick Nguyen, and I've been using that name ever since.


I also love coming up with nicknames for myself. I usually use those nicknames for my Youtube channel, Instagram or even put it up on my License Plate:

  • UniqueP: Unique Patrick

  • MR-NP: Mr.No Problem

  • Patty Ice

Image (2).jpeg

And if you don't know yet, I am from Vietnam. I enjoy teaching other people how to speak Vietnamese as well as show them interesting things of the language!

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